Personalized Birth Chart

Personalized Birth Chart




I will create a unique art print for you!

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Did you know that your zodiac discribes your personality?

Your ascendent how others see you, which impression you make 

and your moon sign how your internal emotional world is. 💫




This A3 Print has your Data and name on it. 

The color of the fonts change for each element.


Only Font Color will change not the background blue image!!!


(fire: leo, sagittarius, aries -> red typo tone 

water: scorpio, cancer, pisces -> blue typo tone

air: aquarius, gemini, libra ->purple typo tone

 earth: taurus, capricorn, virgo -> brown typo tone)


The package, according to your zodiac, comes with a crystal stone to balance your energies.

( 1 - 1.5 cm)


Fluorite: scorpio, pisces, aquarius

Aventuine: sagittarius, taurus, cancer

Rock crystal: leo, capricorn, gemini

Red carneol: aries, libra, virgo


(without frame)

Painted on 200 gram paper.


size: A3


If you wish for anything else customized please write me a message.


Elaine Puhek

Rua josé Ramalho Viegas 3 R/C B 

8005-226 Montenegro, Faro 


Tel: +351 -910-548-062

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