Lunar & Menstrual Journals
  • Lunar & Menstrual Journals

    Do you as a woman actually know the power of the moon and it's cycle on your own cycle?

    Did you know that most of the times woman have their period during new moon or on full moon?

    Our body does amazing work and let's empower it. If we understand our personal cycle and our moods better we are not so hard on ourselfs and have more peace and patience and we understand ourselfs even better. 

    This pack includes a Moon Graphic, a lunar calendar from July'20 till July'21, a lunar/menstruation calendar  July'20 till July'21 (to fill in yourself) and a Period/Mood Tracker.

    See and be aware of how the moon influences our mood and our flow. Get connected with the natural power and your own. <3


    #loveyourself #lunarpower #femalempowering


    These Graphics and illustrations have been made with and for Alica Büchel and her beautiful book. Check it out here:


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