I am Chili Ice Design with all my Heart!

Chili Ice Design - Elaine Puhek


Elaine Puhek, 30, Artist

Hello You! So nice that you are here <3

My name is Elaine Maxine and I am Chili Ice Design with all my heart. Already lifetime creative, german blood and with a degree in graphic design.


I am more than thankful to call myself an artist and to be a freelancer for many years now.

2017 I came up with the concept Chili-Ice-Design and ever since I am painting vivid watercolor inspired by nature's beauty and spiritual themes.

I set them in an imaginary world of creativity.

Ever since I had a deep connection with nature and reminds me that I am part of nature  and my art is as wellI want to show the beauty of nature and its variety. The sides of animals and plants but also femininity. How everything and everybody has its beauty and imperfections and we are all connected and full of contrasts – like the name: Chili-Ice-Design. 

I am also working on graphic jobs.

I offer Corporate Design (like website concepts, businesscards, social media posts, Logos,..)

and any kind of print products. 

feel free to contact me or just have a look around! :)

Blessings to you,