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Do you want a hand painted art piece nobody else has? I can make this for you!

A portrait, your pet, your favourite animal or maybe even an abstract art piece?


Please contact me for details and prices and we will work on your artwork together!

Get your customized

HAND-Painted Art Work. 

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Elaine Puhek, 30, Artist


I am Chili Ice Design with all my Heart!

Already lifetime creative, german blood and with a degree in graphic design.

(graphic impressions:      )

I want to get the art closer to YOU and show the beauty of nature and its variety.

How everything and everybody has its beauty and imperfections and we are all

connected and full of contrasts – like the name: Chili-Ice-Design. 

Concentrating more on my own style and path I made my biggest passion my profession

and once my biggest enemy became my best friend - watercolor. Ironic isn't it?

2017 I came up with the concept Chili-Ice-Design and ever since I am

painting vivid watercolor inspired by nature's beauty and spiritual themes

I set them in an imaginary world of creativity.


Mostly painting with watercolor, charcoal, watercolor pens, fineliners and acrylic pens

on watercolor paper. 


feel free to contact me or just have a look!

Blessings to you,

Elaine Puhek


Handdrawn Postcard 

— Eliana, India (brand holistic rabbit)

“Elaine was just amazing! Really cooperative from the get-go and worked at top speed. She made the initial draft within hours of accepting the order. She put all her energy and creative genius to make this perfect till I was 100% satisfied. Thanks for being so patient :) I highly recommend her work 100%."


Rua josé Ramalho Viegas 3 R/C B 

8005-226 Montenegro, Faro 

Tel: +351 -910-548-062

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